Need a Quality Contractor to Lay Your New Foundations?

Need a Quality Contractor to Lay Your New Foundations?  

How to Choose the Best Commercial Concrete Contractor?

Choosing the best commercial concrete contractor to install your foundation is the most crucial part of a building process. Foundation, after al,l is the support of the whole structure; if it is not sound, the building will begin to crack and form uneven walls and floors over time. A foundation which is not correctly waterproofed will permit moisture to seep into the building. A skilled foundation contractor will prevent these issues.

The first thing with choosing a concrete contractor is to determine what kind of foundation you want for your business. In some regions of the country, there is very little choice in the matter. In places of the Midwest, basement foundations are standard, whilst in the South, it is common to have slab foundations. Most people have a choice between the two.

Choose a commercial concrete contractor that has extensive experience in building the kind of foundation that you plan on having. An experienced contractor who builds slab foundations should come with good references, but not be experienced at building basement foundations where soil pressure presents certain design issues.

The decision to have a basement foundation will create extra questions. Many people are familiar with block foundations; however, there is a growing interest in using poured concrete. This involves placing concrete forms along the surface of the basement wall, and infilling them using concrete. Once this is cured, the contractor takes out these forms. Individuals interested in this type should choose a contractor who knows how to perform this process, as this is radically different from laying concrete blocks.

Create a list of contractors who are experienced in the kind of foundation you plan to have, then interview each one. Request bids and references too. While waiting for these to come back, speak to the references, to see if they were happy with the quality of the foundation built. Ask what kind of waterproofing was used, how effective it has been, and how closely the contractor kept to their bid.

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