How to Spot Signs of Foundation Damage

How to Spot Signs of Foundation Damage  

Free Concrete Foundation Problem Detection Tips

If you have doubts that the structure of your property is in good condition, our specialists advise you to check whether your concrete foundation is intact. There are plenty of signs to indicate foundation problems. Today, we will list some of them in order to help you perform a DIY inspection!

  1. Check whether there is any water pooling underneath the foundation of your house. The most common reason for that is poor drainage system. This dampness will not only lead to foundation instability but also to mold buildup and pest infestations.

  2. There are bugs in your basement. Pests do not only indicate a cleanliness issue but are also signs of a cracked foundation.

  3. High levels of moisture in your basement or crawl space. if you notice an increased level of humidity, make sure that you book some professional help because the consequences may be pretty severe: HVAC ductwork condensation, warped hardwood floors, pest infestations, etc.

  4. The floors start to look saggy and uneven. Such floors are not only an eyesore but a hazardous obstacle for kids, elderly people, or individuals with special needs. In other words, despite structural design issues, uneven floors commonly cause accidental personal injuries.

  5. Crooked windows and doors. If your windows and doors have recently failed to close well and seem like they are no longer fitting their frame, then you most probably have major problems with your concrete foundation. Steel or cement piers should be installed around your home in such case, in order to support the building. The sooner such piers are installed, the more affordable this service will be. Once the problem develops, major repairs will be quite budget-unfriendly.

  6. Wall cracks and peeling paint which has been applied quite recently. If you really want to solve this problem, you don’t have to only do some masonry work and repaint the surface but you should also find the root of the problem and call a professional to fix it.

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