How to Pour Concrete

How to Pour Concrete  

A Skilled Concrete Contractor Explains

Pouring concrete is a simple but tricky process. If done professionally, you will have a stable and sturdy structure on your property capable of withstanding any fluctuating weather conditions. Here, we will teach you how to pour concrete on a small-sized surface yourself. Of course, working with a reliable concrete contractor for bigger projects is the right thing to do.

Preparation is the first and foremost step. You have to clear the chosen area from any rocks, plants, and debris. You need to remove the topsoil and vegetation species in your yard. Clear away everything that is exposed. Next, you should prepare the sub-base; this is the term specialists use for the base concrete lays on. Many contractors use open-grade stone or crushed rocks for preparing the sub-base. Do not forget to compact it with the help of a machine called a compactor afterward.

Your next task is to create a form over the prepared sub-base, this form outlines the exact location where the concrete will be poured. If your area is square or rectangular, make sure their corners are at angles of 90 degrees. Plus, you have to ensure a form with a slight slope. Otherwise, your beautiful concrete will retain rainwater making it vulnerable to cracks and early deterioration.

Once the form is ready, you have to place wire mesh or rebar over the compacted sub-base which is needed for additional stability. Now, it’s time to mix the concrete. In general, experts mix one part cement, two parts sand, four parts gravel, and water. You can utilize a concrete mixer and pour the ready substance into the mold. Distribute the material throughout the entire area with a concrete rake and compact it. At this point, you can use a groover to create a pattern or design. Do not forget to cure and seal the concrete surface.

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